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Heretic Returns To Nagrand

August 13, 2013
Several years after the guild left Nagrand for greener pastures, many of the original members of Heretic have returned to Nagrand to rebuild what was one of the best raiding communities on the realm.
For the moment we are expecting to progress through 10 man content at a steady pace whilst recruiting new members to bolster the ranks.
Watch this space!

Pandaria Awaits!

August 16, 2012

TOP 50ish Eu 25man Kill- Bring it DW!

September 22, 2011
Dragon Soul Image

Its been an extremely long journey, from our humble begginings in ICC when it comes to 'rankings'- Taking this guild from an obscure world 1600, ending LK heroic SF on Nagrand, world 500ish, and moving to our new server Al Akir, before cata came out- Our mission has been simple and straightforward- To improve our world and european rankings tier by tier. Its a grind, we understand- its a mission that requires patience, and long sightedness- Its hardwork that requires mature heads, and pro planning. Its alot of work. but its easy once commitment is your bottom line.

We all play wow for different reasons, for us this is it- we wont end the story till we have acomplished our final goal- Till then, lets keep taking these steps towards the ultimate.

Much love to all those people who stuck with it- never gave up, never raged, never quit, picked up thier pieces and carried on. Much love to all the people that had to sit out and stay online cheering us. This entire guild is a blessing. Everyone that wears this guild tag is an awesome person. The attitude , the athmosphere, the jokes, the place can compete.

If you want to be part of Heretic, if you have what it takes to become part of this perpetual incline, Throw us an app tonite.